Tune up and misc. things


New Member
Jun 2, 2003
York, PA
I am waiting for the winter to come to an end already. When spring time rolls around I am looking to do a complete tune-up. What suggestions do you all have for me for my tune-up? I am writing this now so I have all the parts necessary come spring time. Any other suggestions of things I should do to make it run better, smoother, or cleaner would be nice. Thanks to all in advance
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I think a supercharger would be a good item to put on a tune up list. Otherwise, some good tune up items would be: oil change, air filter, fuel filter, and sparkplugs. Check your lugnuts and belt when you take it out of storage as well. Shouldn't need to do more than that I would think.
Autolite or Motorcraft copper spark plugs
FUel filter
Oil change
air filter (or clean your K&N)
plug wires
new belt
Reset idle
fuel injector cleaner
drive down deserted back road at WOT to clear out the carbon!