tuner question


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May 9, 2005
i noticed in MF&FF an article on 6 mods. car went 12.40's. they used the SCT tuner and they talked about the throttle body would close and open in between shifts for fuel econemy. they changed it so to it would stay wide open at full throttle even between shifts. was this a custom tune or can i exspect the same results from the standard SCT downloads already on the tuner? also, does the diablo predator have the same capability?
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SCT tuners don't come preloaded with "manufacturers" tunes like the Predator does. They are shipped to SCT dealers blank, and we load tunes on them based on each customer. SCT does have "base" tunes for the 05s that some dealers are most likely loading on. I prefer to use our own tunes that we can tweak based on individual customer needs. But what I'm getting at is simply ask whomever you buy your tuner from if they do that in their tune. They can add it if you want it.

We sell/tune with both SCT and Diablo, so it shouldn't be a problem. Both brands have good support on the 05 stuff right now.
Hey Sal!

I almost blew by your post... Until I saw "Turbocharged Lightning" in your signature, then I KNEW who it was without looking... And congrats on the purchase of your new TEST vehicle!

Give me a call when you see this, I have questions about my 05 GT, regarding tuning...

And FYI guys... Sal KNOWS his stuff when it comes to tuning EEC V (Cars and Trucks)!!! You can CERTAINLY trust him, and rely on his posts. We do!