tuning on a stock car


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Jan 21, 2002
ok so its been a while since i've had a stocker. i just put the stang back to stock form with a fresh rebuild. its running strong and all that. just wondering if anyone has done a tune on a stock car and had any benefits. would i be wasting money or is it worth it? the thing is bone stock except it has a 80mm pro m and 30# inj. left over from the 351. also had a 3 angle valve job w/a backcut. 2 1/2 off road. flows and all that. thanks for any advise.
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I would just make sure everything is in working order.. no need to have a chip burnt tune for a complete stocker..

HOWEVER, running that large of a maf and injectors is completely uneccessary and could actually hurt a little performance.. I would switch to a stock maf and injector set-up if I were you and put the 80mm maf and large injectors on something that needs it.. Just my .02 cents