Tuning With A Anderson Pms System


Jan 5, 2013
Does anyone have experience with the Anderson ford Motorsport tuner system. I really gotta get my car tuned. I have done the 351w swap and it runs ok but the bucking at low speeds is annoying.i would image I could get a little more power out of it also. Any info would be appreciated...
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What kind of help exactly are you looking for? Where are you located? Are you going to give it a go tuning yourself or looking for a reputable shop to tune it for you using the pms?
If you have no tuning knowledge whatsoever it is a tough curve to learn on. It is a very good unit and have it in one of my cars. With that being said you may want to find a tuner that car dyno tune this car and burn a chip all while spending only 600 or so.