Turbo or Supercharger


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Apr 9, 2004
Hey i have a pretty much stock 99v6 stang and im thinking about going turbo or super charged.Can someone help me out and tell me what i need to do in order to have each.And in your knowledge about cars which one will do better for me. :rolleyes:
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First off, this needs to be in the V6 Tech part of the forums. just saying because someone would probably have told you anyway. Now on to your question. You only have a CAI, which BTW you would have to loose if you got either one, so there goes your only mod... sorry. First you are going to have to build you

Internals (forged aluminum would do nicely)
Fuel system (Pump and Injectors)
Cylinder heads (Ported/polished, machined)
Camshaft (Bigger durations, better valve springs, push rods and RR'ers)
Intake manifolds (Ported, polished... you may not have to do these)
T-body (65mm+)
Pulleys (Waterpump, Crankshaft, alternator)
Radiator (just to be safe... not a have to do item)
Bottom end (stronger crank, bigger oil pan and suction, windage tray)
MAF (bigger, about 80 or 90mm from a lightening)
ECU (Probably from XCT or a dyno tune)

Then you are going to have to go to the tranny.

Gearing (not a needed item, but goo to have.. 3:73 is good from what I hear)
Rear end (T-lok, maybe upgrade to a 8.8... unless you find away around it)
D-Shaft (not a needed item, but it'll help... aluminum)
Tranny (MUST HAVE! Stronger than factory)
Clutch/shifter ( spec, Ram, ACT, steeda... various others)

suspension and wider tires
Whatever you may want to stop the side to side sloshing and body roll, and get better traction.

Brakes (stoptech makes a really nice kit for 2k$, i'm currently looking into it.)

Then all you have to do is decide on Turbo or Supercharger. I'd go with a ATI procharger running 7psi with there 3 core intercooler. :nice: That would be an excellent choice!


That should help you out. Ask if you need more links and such.