Turning n burnin


Jan 13, 2020
Franklin Ky
So out of boredom stupid idea emerged . So I was cleaning out the trunk ,throwing crap away . Started stowing the jack under the silly wheel ( donut spare ) when a light bulb flicked on . I absolutely dig destroying tires . This habit gets expensive so sometimes I have to go without . Case in point the rubber on the back of the 96 are as bald as a baby . The 98 has plenty but it's to nice , plus the tires on it are three times what I put on black . Well what's a fella to do improvise . So I got this brand new tire never touched the pavement rite there in the trunk , low n behold I have another one in the trunk of the 98 just like it . Out came the lug wrench and floor jack . 15 min later there is one stupid looking GT in my driveway . I jumped in fired it up went for a drive . Tossing it around a bit getting a feel for it's changed dynamics . Having seen the side of many silly wheels many times,I know exactly what the warning on the sidewall reads . ( 50 m.p.h. for 50 miles ) I smile to myself like a devil an conclude , not going 50 not 50 miles . Dropped the clutch and fried some donuts . Oh the smoke did churn the rubber did burn , pulled a couple 2nd and ,3rd gear brake tap 180s . Clutch kicks in a corner ass 45 degrees both sides spewing smoke . Ahh the fun , now my spare is as bald as the mounts . Hope I don't get a flat
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