Turning torque converter under the car.


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Dec 23, 2002
Ogden, UT
As everyone already knows I have a bad torque converter, but no money to purchase the high performance one.
Mean time; im trieng to install the transgo shift kit, at the same time draining all transmission oil (all)

I removed the lower hose from the radiator, started the car, stopped it when there was less tranny fluid coming out. I took that rubber seal out, looked under the car.
Now, im trieng to turn the torque converter to reach the drain plug, I can see the plug but I can't reach it, do i need to turn the ignition on? while I have little tranny fluid in their? or use a flat head on the flywheel to turn the converter around?
Help. lol
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not sure exactly what your trying to do but I would not have my hands up in there unless the battery is disconnected.........I have a car starter so no way...:rlaugh:
if your trying to turn the TC you can use a allen wrench if you can see the bolts to turn it......and I used a thick screw driver to push it around until I could get to the next bolt......I've done that the last 3 times of dropping the trans....just get the car off the ground...go to neutral...........
3 bolts? TCCoa.com/tech only mentioned 1 to drain the TC.
Anyways that sucker (torque converter) won't turn say im using a flat head on the flywheel or just using my finger on the bottom part of the converter.

Im afraid of denting the transmission case when using the allen wrench for leverage.
here's another try.
if you got a bad TQ,why are you installing a shift kit?a rebuilt stock factory TQ is what,$320-350 w/fluid.while your under there,it would be best to replace the TQ.i know $350 is a lot of cash but,if your TQ goes south,it's going to cost a lot more in time and money if it take's your tranny along with it and that needs rebuilding when the TQ blows.
Well it's not completelly bad, it has that shudder it's so famouse about.
Im gonna leave it without any fluid for maybe 2 weeks, im gonna install the rest tomorrow.

either new tc or Dr trannys stuff
new TQ.mine went bad on the way to work.drove fine then BAM.all of a sudden sounded like a can of nails coming from the TQ.i was lucky though,tranny was fine,got a rebuilt TQ and new fluid w/filter.since then i did the aode-t5 swap,got tired of all the trouble with the aode.