TV Cable adjustment?

ok, my neighobr drome my car today.. we came to the conlusion i need a TV cable adjustment. when you drive the car, and slam the gas, the tranny just upshifts... its wierd. how should i go about adjusting it, and what should i be shooting for? also, what should i look for if i have a worn cable or something on the cable?
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straight from manual


1. Set the parking brake and put the car in N.
2. Remove the protective cover from the cable.
3. Make sure that the throttle lever is at the idle stop. If it isnt, check for binding or interference. NEVER attempt to adjust the idle stop.
4. Make sure the cable is free of sharp bends or is not rubbing on anything throughout its entire length.
5. lube the tv lever ball stud with chassis lube.
6. Unlock the locking tab at the throttle body by prying with a small, flat tool.
7. install a spring on the TV control lever, to hold it in the rearmost-travel postition. The spring must exert at least 10lbs (4.5 kg) of force on the lever.
8. Rotate the trans outer TV lever 10-30 degrees and allow it to return.
9. Push down on the locking tab until flush.
10. Remove the retaining spring from the lever.
No i just copied it from the manual i have, it doesnt have any pictures. If you look at the parts while reading it, you should be able to figure it out. If you cant, you should have someone else do it. Done wrong it can destroy the transmission.

or wait and see if anyone else has pics.
1. remove aod
2. replace w/ t5

just kidding....

under the tb there is the tv cable...

pop it out, score the threaded looking square rod b4 you do anything,pop up the white tab, let it out to about 1/4"-1/2" more than it is at...then lock that white tab back in.