Twin turbo mustang DYNO results! Yep its ME :D


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Apr 29, 2004
Been out a Many of you are probably wondering why but last July, my dad was killed in a head on colision in his work truck :( :( :( It just sent me for a loop and I really just stopped caring about cars and the such for quite sometime. I know it was Gods will and I am slowly getting better and better. I also know dad would want me to continue on.
As many of you know, Him and I custom fabbed my 04 GTs twin turbo kit and its just been my pride and joy.
Last time the car made 550RWHP @ 11.9PSI...all it would get on the dyno. That was with full exhaust.
Well that came off and just a few months back I decided to rebuild the downpipes with 3 inch and exit them right behind the FRONT tires. That was the only change minus my updating the tune and some 80#/hr injectors. :)

Without further delay...

9.3PSI run

12.6PSI or so peak.

and the last one it peaked @ 14.5PSI then dropped to 13.5 as I didnt have the boost setpoint ajusted correctly.

Oh and the combined runs.

Did I mention that this was all done on a STOCK SHORTBLOCK/STOCK HEADS, 4.6L 2V? :D

I have videos of the runs and pictures of the exhaust if anyone is intersted. Also please do not pay attention to the A/F...its off. My wideband reads 11.0-11.3 on the topend...I have it stair stepping down as boost rises.
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Apr 10, 2002
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nice to see you back again! Sorry to hear about your father. But like you said, he'd want you to stay with the car scene. You guys worked hard on that GT together so you should enjoy it in his honor.

Btw, those numbers are insane on a stock motor'd car!!!


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Nov 29, 1999
H Town
Glad to have you back! Those are some awesome numbers! That car must be a beast! I'm going to shoot you a PM in a little while.



Jul 3, 2004
WOW... It has been a while, I was just wondering the other day where you have been. Sorry to hear about your father, thats a tough situation to deal with. Glad to see you are doing better though...

Those new numbers are amazing!!! Your GT is 1 gifted car, I have never seen a stock longblock 2V ever put out those type of numbers & not go BOOM!!!

When you gonna hit the track to see what she runs?


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Dec 6, 2004
Man, I was thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you posting in a loooooooooong time. Reading what happened to your dad literally gave me chills, I am so sorry that happened man. I'm glad you are doing well and keeping in positive spirits about it. I'm sure that's what he wants for you as well.

Those are some incredible numbers. That GT has been through quite a life and it's still kicking. I don't think that engine will come apart, you think Ford maybe slipped you a Terminator bottom end with 2v heads? lol.

I just want to make sure I am reading 640 and 615 rwhp/tq on a BONE STOCK 2v bottom end. Pretty sure I am, but I am shocked, haha.

Welcome back...