Typoon intake manifold installed..


Jan 3, 2006
I got a really good deal on a Typhoon mani last week.. so I picked it up. Two of the studs where the coil packs bolt down to were cracked off.. The guy ended up giving me the thing, brand new, for 250.00. :) A little zip with the TIG welder, and the studs were good as new. I also bought a used C&L plenum.. and BBK throttle body for 100.00 off of the same guy.

I decided to toss everything on last weekend.. The install was very straight forward.. took me and a buddy maybe an hour. Everything fit perfectly, and the install went smoothly..

I am throwing a fuel rail pressure sensor code now.. I guess I might have damaged it.. it's just reading open circuit.. there's no break in the wires, or plug, so I assume that it's a faulty sensor. I also have a TPS voltage code.. so, I need to go in with a volt meter and adjust that.

I got a base dyno a few weeks ago, with the stock intake manifold and plenum/tb. I will be going back to the dyno this week to see what different the new intake/plenum and TB made. I also have a set of Houston Performance S292's and Comp springs/retainers that I will be installing next week.. I want to see the different with just the intake/plenum and TB before I install the cams..

The butt-dyno..

The car feels like it pulls harder up top.. but, no big difference (that I can feel) in the midrange.. But, I can definitely tell a noticeable difference out past 5 grand or so. I guess the dyno will tell the real story. :)

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Thats cool you got a good deal on it. I would have waited for the Trickflow intake. What you stated proves that on an NA car it would be worthless since you have a blower only notice a small gain past 5k.
Not necessarily... when you get up to bigger power levels.. it's harder to notice a difference in power, unless you're adding another 75-100whp.. IMO.. Sure, it might be good for another 15-20whp on a otherwise stock N/A 2 valve.. Who knows.. For the price, I figured, why not? It'll get me to the 600whp mark, which is my goal, so I'm happy with it.

At least some one is finally showing a base line, then the intake, then the cams. Will be nice to have a solid reason to hate the thing ;)
I'm sure we will all apreciate the effort of seeing some baseline and after-intake numbers. That whole engine bay needs some love.:D

BTW for those interested, I got an email from Edelbrock and Trick Flow today, and both said there is still no tentative release date on their intakes.
Hell.. I hardly have time to toss on parts.. much less clean the engine bay. ;) I do need a new battery though.. 80K miles and 7 years.. still going strong.. just looks ugly.

I have a buddy of mine that just installed the Typhoon intake manifold along with a prochamber on his bolt on/cammed GT.

He put down 305hp and 308 lb.ft. to the wheels without longtubes or dialing it all in with a tune, just using the nitrous tune he previously had on it (which means retarted timing).

He gained a solid 20hp with the Typhoon and Prochamber. He figures it probaly adds out to the Typhoon giving about 12-15hp and the Prochamber the rest.

The car has the usual bolt ons, and a set of Comp custom ground blower cams, but they are not radical cams at all. Hardly any lope in the exhaust.

So the Typhoon might not suck as bad as everyone says it does.