UD Pulley Installation help


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Feb 4, 2007
I'm ready to start my UD installation this morning and after watching the installation video I realize that I do not have the water pump bolt that is needed to replace the stud and nut that will now hit the water pump pulley.:notnice:

Does anyone know what size bolt I need? :shrug:

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what kind of pulleys did you get? who has a video? you can trim the non threaded edge of that stud off with a hacksaw blade. you dont even need to get into the threaded portion of the stud. the roush pulleys say to trim rather than replace.

but, i think it is an 8mm bolt, 1.25 thread pitch, 50 mm long.
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The hacksaw should work fine, although my Steeda kit had the replacement bolt, it's already on, so I can't really measure it. You should talk to Brenspeed about that bolt.

The puller you need seems to be refered to as a Chrylser pulley puller, at Autozone it's something like #27139 on their tool rental list.

Good luck.