UDPs eating batteries alive

Hey guys, I've been having some complications with my Steeda UDPs. I've gone through 2 batteries in less than 5k miles after going for almost 10k miles on the first battery since I put the UDPs on. Basically what happened today was the car started to die on me driving into work. First was the radio, then the rest of the dashboard lighting. Fortunately, I got it to work where I made sure I had someone around to jump me should it have not started when I left work. Fortunately, it started. However, I didn't get more than 2 miles from work when it died. So I got a jump and less than 1/2 mile later it died again. So I got a ride to go get a new battery and installed it and by the time I was almost home (roughly 30 miles), I lost the radio, dashboard lighting and my headlights.

This happened back in Sept, so I took it into Ford and they said it was the battery, so I got a new one and everything was good until today. I thought it was my alternator but they insisted differently. So now I'm convinced it's my alternator because the battery is dying so quickly. If I let the car sit, it'll start with everything working until the same process repeats. Am I barking up the right tree with the alternator and the UDPs or am I missing something here?
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Nothing high power. Only thing I've added from an electrical standpoint is an iPod dock and the sequentials. I don't know the exact voltage the car is at when it's running but the next time I turn it on, I'll check and see. I don't remember there being a digital readout or anything like that, just the gauge which I might be able to read within 1/8 of actual.

As far as the mileage, it has 60780 miles.
Sounds like a bad Alternator to me. Simple check as what was mentioned before, check the voltage the alternator is putting to the battery (it should be somewhere around 13.5 - 14 volts). Another trick you can try, is while the car is running, disconnect the positive lead from the battery, if the car wants to stumble or even stall, then the alternator is not putting out enough voltage to keep the car running. Or, you can take the alternator out and take it and auto parts store and have them load check it.

One thing to remember is the alternator charges the battery based on the amount of voltage drop it is sensing.

Example - If you're driving during a rainy night, with all the lights on, fog lights on, heater on, wipers on, and radio on, the voltage drop the alternator senses is more than what it would be if you were driving during the day (no accessories on). In this situation the alternator will work harder to maintain the proper voltage to the battery. The thing with the alternator may be that it won't act-up until it gets warm and then the voltage regulator doesn't get the proper signal to send the proper amount to charge the battery.

Obviously you have witnessed, a car can run with a bad alternator and a good battery, for a short amount of time, before the battery can no longer support the entire system. Sorry for the long explanation, just wanted to give people an understanding of how it works, not just an answer. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Thanks guys. I had a feeling it was the alternator, but I told Ford back in Sept that was the issue. They tested it and said it was fine. Gave me a new battery and sent me on my way. However, now it seems apparent and what I'm afraid of is Ford saying the alternator wouldn't have died this soon without the UDPs being installed. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but since I have the extended warranty for another 40k miles or until next May, I don't really feel like paying for an alternator. Especially since that's the $$ I could have used to get the cams in with the tune.

Oh well. I still love my Mustang!

On a side note, looked at the SHO today when I dropped the car off. That's a fantastic car.
Look for a LEAK !

The exact thing happened to my wifes 06 !!! The dealer replaced the battery, fixed..... Then again no juice? Dealer said he missed it, its the Alt. and replaced it all warrenty work ! Again no juice !!! After the forth "FIX" and three weeks in the shop with the Service Manager driving it back and forth to home it died on her. Check in the car passenger side panel right of where your feet would be, theres two computer "things", when it rains it drips on them and weard stuff happens they resealed the fender and problem fixed that was 10K miles ago. Can't hurt to check it out!
Yeah, I didn't think about the infamous water leak issue. USUALLY that's accompanied by other symptoms, but that could surely cause the issue. If your alternator is testing out fine, definitely check that out.