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Nov 29, 1999
Just added a Termi to the family today :D
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The drive home :nice:
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Has 43,000 miles and only one owner. 20K+ in mods with 19" HREs. Have every single reciept and all work was done at D'agusta (or something like that) and tuning by Kevin (I think thats his name) from THP.
She has 447rwhp and 459 rwtq
Mods are:
Accufab Oval T-body and plenum
Steeda S/C pullies (11lbs)
Steeda Cold Air intake
Fluidyne Heat exchanger
BBK Ceramic Long Tubes
BBK O/R H-pipe
? Cat back
MM Bilstiens and H&R springs
Steeda bump steer,CC, x2
Aluminum drive dhaft
Centerforce Clutch
Aluminum Flywheel
Diablo tuner
REAL HRE 19" wheels with brand new Michilen Pilots ($750 each )
X-drilled rotors and braided lines
Steeda short shifter
Phantom boost and a/f gauges in cluster
KB Strut tower brace and shock tower brace
KB Sub Frames
Steeda battery relocator
And alot of other stuff I forgot, gotta go look at the reciepts
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Yeah I am kinda on the fence about the tail lights. Dad loves them and its his so thats that. I made him buy ultra light LEDs today and im about to go put them in because on the trip back I could barley see the lights. The only thing I HATE is the ugly ass grill that matches the hood inserts and brake cooler openings. They even put them in the fake vents on the side :nonono: The grill for the I/C rad is broken so I thought he would let me remove them all but again he likes them so I cant do anything about it.
It took me 6 months to talk him out of buying a used Z06 and get a Termi. Hes really glad he did and so am I so I will live with his personal taste weirdness :shrug: