Unisteer or Borgeson


Sep 2, 2005
I have been doing a lot of reading lately on different steering upgrades and I am thinking about upgrading rather than finding and fixing what is wrong with my current system.

So my car is a '69 302 with factory ps. I am thinking of either going with a Unisteer manual rack or the Borgeson integrated unit.

My car is also a C4 auto which I may swap to AOD or a T5 and it has long tube Hedman Hedders.

Just want some opinions on what might be the best option and why.

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for a number of years i have also thought about converting to rack and pinion steering as well, the options are numerous. there is the J car rack, the escort rack, the taurus rack, even the omni rack. all of them have the drawback of larger steering radius's and the loss of header clearance. the borgeson unit is a modified unit from another car, and not the only one that can be used. there are a number of those also, toyota has a box that can be used among others. the borgenson, and its siblings are going to be easier to install and have more room for headers, along with the big benefit of getting rid of the power assist ram.

in the end the choice is yours, but i think i will be going with the borgeson type conversion.