Update loose steering


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Sep 5, 2002
I have isolated the loosenes, Now what? The problem seems to be where it attached to the Rack and pinion. I moved the steering shaft it feels solid from the steering all the way down to the rack and pinon attaching bolt. It is not loose at the attaching point.

Let me try and describe it. When you move the steering shaft sure enough you can feel the play in what feels like inside the rack mounting point before it engages. Do I need a new rack and pinion? Could it Be my steering gear? I looked at the Manual, How do you adjust the steering gear?

As aways thanks for all
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Thanks for getting back to me

KISSEL said:
I have the same problem with loose steering on my 01. Left and right, maybe an inch or so. Ford didn't give me an answer to this one, so I'm stumped as well.

so you took it to the dealer? and they didn't know what to do? If you figure it out let me knw, I will do the same
Yeah, I took it in a while back. They said that the "play" is normal. I think they didn't want to fix it. I didn't push the point. But I know that it is not normal because it did not do that before.