Update on my Build


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Sep 12, 2001
The goal-

9.11et my daughter Jenna's birthday (9/11/06)
I'm not building this car for any class or any competition, strictly to run the #. This is my way of keeping my daughters memory alive.

Quick run down on the combo

Scat Kit (9.1 c/r)
Jay Allen Cam-Solid Roller
Worked TFS TW heads
Worked Holley Sys2 Intake
Jesel Shafts
Glide w/4200 stall
70mm Turbo
Full fuel sys

I wont meet my goal on the current turbo, but plan to do some shakedowns and get use to the car with it and upgrade soon and shoot for the 9.11et

Coming along a little bit at a time. At this point I am waiting on my valve covers to come back from the engraver, order a custom driveshaft, get the cage welded in, and button up a few small things up on the motor.

I wanted to share a few quick shots I took tonight, the car is pretty dirty (lots of work going on with it) but I wanted to share anyways.

Getting close!

Rear is about done, the caliper isn't mounted yet just sitting there to look purty for the pic, but other than bolting the ARB back up the rear is about finished.


Here's a peek at the cage, majority of the cage is only tacked in. Nothing has been cleaned or painted yet.


Subframe Connectors





More pics to come, thanks for looking guys

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Chris good work seems like you have a lot in store.
I'm glad you not only kept the car but are making efforts to do something to commerate your daughter in a positive manner that also reflects your love for your stang.
Looks like the car is coming along great for a great goal.

Who worked your heads, and do you know about what they flow?
The reason I ask is that I had my TW heads worked this winter. I don't really know what to expect to get out of them, and I am still a ways off from getting my car to run since I don't even have a shortblock yet.
Best of luck with it!
Looking good Chris! I love that you put Jenna's name on the crank which is the heart of the engine!

OT: Did you get my email a few weeks ago?

No I didn't get your email Paul

Yes her name on the crank made this build that much sweeter for me. :D

Now to get some shake downs in, and upgrade turbos and really try for that goal!!