upgrade injectors???


New Member
Jan 16, 2008
When do i need to upgrade the injectors and mass air meter on my car. I am getting ready to install BBK longtubes, BBK short h-pipe, flowmaster Super 40's, Predetor tuner, and a 175 shot of ZEX wet. I have a 99 gt and was just woundering. Also when should i upgrade the clutch.
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I think you will be fine on Injectors and Mass air, may be a good idea to upgrade your fuel pump tho, i ran 150 shot for over a year and i used the 02 SVT focus 255 pump . did,nt change my injectors and Maf until i procharged it.
Should be 19 lbs/hr on a 99 GT. They will handle a 150 shot with an upgraded fuel pump. Not sure about a 175 shot.

Id skip on changing the mass air and injectors for now. I would suggest investing in a fuel pump and saftey accessories for the nitrous.

I beleive alot of people use a Focus fuel pump, or a Kenne Belle Boost-a-Pump.