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Founding Member
Jan 11, 2002
Eglin AFB, Florida
Chris/[email protected]

1993 LX Hatchback, teal, 114000 miles
- TC rear sway bar

Sitting in shop, waiting to be assembled:
86 SVO engine with a claimed 60,000 miles.

Mods for it:
- Volvo front-mount intercooler
- LA2 computer
- Big VAM
- new distributor
- new water and oil pump
- all new gaskets and valve stem seals
- beck/arnley clutch
- walbro 255lph fuel pump
- kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- turbo XS type H BOV and boost regulator
- 3" exhaust


Founding Member
Oct 18, 2002
S.E. Mass
Lx89Stang05 / [email protected] / Smoke Metallic 89Lx 2.3 turbo swap / S.E Mass.

89' Mustang Lx 2.3T 5spd,Smoke Metallic
Engine Mods:
2.3 Turbo Merkur Motor, Garrett T3 Turbo [email protected], .60 Trim Compressor .63 A/R Turbine, Fully Ported And Polished Head, 35 lb/hr Injectors, Gutted Upper Intake, Ported and Knifed Lower Intake, K&N Filter, Cold Air Intake, Stock Forged Pistons, Adjustable Boost Valve, LA3 ECM, Big VAM, A/C Delete, Removed Air Box and Silencer,Bailey Evo BOV.
Exhuast Mods:
2.5" Dual 2 Chamber Flowmasters 40's, Ported E6 Exhaust Manifold, SVO Y-Pipe, 2.5" Down Pipe No Cats, 2.5 SS Tail Pipes

Suspension/Body/Interior Mods:
94' Cobra springs, Rear GT Sway Bar, 88' Ranger Air Dam, 15" Hand Polished American Racing Rims, GT Spoiler, GT Escort seats, Boost Guage
In The Works:
Supercoupe Intercooler,5spd Trans., 8.8' Rear End, 3.90 grears
Future Mods:
Rods Header, 17" Cobra R Rims, pro5.0 Short Throw Sifter. SVO Brakes, Brake Ducts, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, Kirban Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Cam, Adjustable Cam Pulley.


Miss StangNet 2003
Founding Member
Sep 25, 2002
Regina, Saskachewan
Visit site
Can't remember if I'm a part of this

Taryn, [email protected] (lol add me if you have MSN), I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, I will hopefully have a webpage soon, I'll post er up when it's done. :nice:

I drive a 93 hatchback, mostly stock except for removed air snorkel thingy, 3G alternator upgrade, dual exhaust with Dynomax SuperTurbo mufflers, and a bunch of looks/stereo stuff. There's pics of it all over SN, let me know if you want me post em again. ;)


Active Member
Jul 28, 2003
Riverside, CA
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SN mr_woodster /real name: Jarrod/msn:[email protected] aim:infamouswoodster, feel free to add me..if you dare :) / 1987 lx hatch 2.3 n/a / Location: Southern California (you know, that place where the sun goes when you get winter ;) )

Waiting for install(completion)

'86 turbo coupe motor, rebuilt bottom end/bearings seals
2 core volve inner cooler (custom mount in progress)
Big Vam
Oversized valves 1.89intake 1.59 exhuast
P&P head (D for now)
Nitrous Works 50-175 wet kit
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Ported E6
Gutted, polished upper and lower intake
Roller cam/rockers
K&N open filter
===================saving for after swap
-adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-blow off valve
-boost controller
-rpm nitrous switch
-110 octane race gas, and a night out on the town saying eeello to a few friends.


New Member
Jan 4, 2004
does anyone know where i can get the whole front and hood for a 79 cobra?
I have a 73 351 and 79 Cobra GT


The first widely accepted Tranny
15 Year Member
Dec 24, 2003
30 Mins from a Ragged GT


Founding Member
Mar 12, 2002
New York

84 SVO 2A was totaled in a near fatal head-on in sep 03. I'm fixed, car just could not be.

New list: 1984 Mustang SVO IE, 1986 SVO 2R (Restomod project) 1986 SVO 2A Daily Driver and the good ole 2002 V6 I should have been driving when I got hit. *lol*

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