User's rides, contact info, etc...

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No no no. I meant initially just the list w/o the brag sheet, plus any body elses good ideas. Now understand, I know nothing on how to do the smart computer stuff many of you guys know, but I was thinking people just kinda fill in fields or something so we just had a handy resource for locating members or their cars, whatever. I hope I didn't stir up a hornet's nest of problems. I meant that would eventually look like this:

-Red_LX , moderator , 88 n/a LX Mustang, website, PM

-140cilx, LOSER, 88 2.3T LX Mustang , PM

Vryaklokosis (Cro - forgive me spelling)...





but, if the idea sucks, just scratch it.
Ok, ok, I think I got it! Maybe what eveyone's asking for is something like when you click the members button above. It opens a page very easy to view with this elements:

Username/Email/Homepage/Find Posts/Join Date/Posts

But it can be changed to look like:

Username/Email/Car & Mods/Homepage

I think this could be a good start! What do you think? :)
All you really need is a program that takes a string for input and adds it to a list and places it in the correct alphabetical position (or however you want it ordered). It is actually really easy to do if you know a little java.
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