V-6 4spd. to 302 4spd?


New Member
Dec 5, 2003
Can anyone tell me if the 4speed tranny that came behind a v-6 in a II is the same 4spd that came in a 302 car? if not, can I make this combo work?

I want to change my mach1 over from auto to a 4spd. I may have found a complete tranny, but it was a 6 cyl. car. just wanted to check before i jump in. thanks! norm :flame:
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jnobles06 said:
so the 4-speed stick will not match up to the 302?

I wouldn't even try.

I'm guessing the V6 trans is a bit too light to last long behind a V8.

But mostly I wouldnt waste my time because of the gear ratios. First is like a Granny Gear, at times I wondered why it was there except that second is just a little too tall to start in comfortably. If I were into replacing clutches I would start in second.

Second and third are Ok, but the jump from third to forth is horrible. For this reason the Machs trans is going into the Museum.

I am left wondering just what the hell the engineers were thinking, with a 2.79 gear first wouldn't have been so bad but there would still be the 3-4 jump.