valve spring and camshaft question

jerry S

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Sep 3, 2003
52.22N 5.12E
how much lift should your springs be rated above the lift of your cam? Is there any hard and fast rule?

The reason I ask is that I was told by somebody who purports to know that I am couritng disaster with my valve springs having only .38 of clearance.

I have Edelbrock RPM Performer cylinder heads. They came fully assembled and the have a max valve lift of .576. My cam's specs are as follows:

ADV DUR: INT 297, EXH 308
LIFT: INT 538, EXH 534
DURATION AT .50 DEGREES: INT 236, EXH 242 @ 108 centerline

Should I be worried and replace these springs as a prophylactic measure or am I within spec? :eek:
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LMan said:
Most cam cards have the recommended spring set listed right on them. Compare that recommendation to what you have now...

I have the cam card and know the recommended springs but cannot determine what springs Edelbrock used with my heads. I have taken Milner's advice and have asked for their opinion.


as i recall, the difference between max allowed lift and coil bind is something like .010", and if your springs allow .576 with your cam only pushing .538, you have plenty of room before you get into coil bind. max lift always allows for coil bind clearance.