Vancouver International Car Show.


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Dec 20, 2004
B.C. Canada
Well i got to go to the car show. Man was it sweet. Got my pic taken with the Ford GT. Say the Gt 500 up close and personal. I say the shelby cobra concept. the mustang GT-R was there. nice race car but piss poor weld job on the side exhaust. the concept camaro looked sweet aswell. it looks expensive. makes you think it will have a sticker price more then the mustang. anyways it was very fun. oh yah there was this factory jetta there. ok ok i know we don't like rice but....... it was a what they call the Jetta R-GT. 500 ponies out of a 6 cylinder. i believe it was twin turbo. it looked very nice. If i had to drive a four door i guess it would do.
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Hey I was just there on Saturday. We picked the wrong time to show up (around 2 PM, huge line-up). I mostly went for the Ford stuff, the GT-500 is more amazing up close. You really get to see that's it's pretty slick looking. The guy there said the ride height would be lowered as well.

The Camaro actually looked better in person too. Daytona Charger is a really good looking car, liked the yellow stitching in charcoal leather with yellow paint, not very comfortable though.
yes i think the camaro looked very good but it also looks expensive. i doubt they are going to be able to sell em for what the mustang is going for and thats the reason they are not being built right now.