Vibration SOLVED


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Jan 25, 2006
SouthEast Iowa
(Mine is anyways) Check this out. I have had a bad driveline shake, and I have been looking around at different forums, getting ideas. I have already made it a bit better by indexing the driveshaft to the differential, but heres where it gets interesting. I bought my car with an "x" pipe with cats. It also came with an off road "h" pipe. Well I don't need the cats so I swapped them. While doing this I noticed that the X pipe didn't hang by the two hangers above the tranny, just hanging there from the headers and mufflers, out in space. Well the h pipe has those hangers, and after the install, my driveline shake is gone! Could the X pipe have been picking up resonance from the stock DS and amplifying through the driveline? (before the shifter would shake on decelaration in nuetral, and now it doesn't). Does this make any sense to the scientist around here? All I know is its a night and day difference. (Yes, I have 3.73 gears and stock DS. A aluminum DS is in the works anyway). So everyone out there scratching your heads over this, make sure your midpipe is hanging from the dampners above the tranny mount! Let me know what you guys think.....Am i crazy?
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I wonder if they leave them off for different applications. Does the automatic tranny and manual both hang the mid-pipe in the same spot? (i have no idea). My X pipe fit well also, but without the dampening of the hangers, I think it will pick up vibes on ya. If it does, ya know what to.:nice:
could it just be that the rubber in these hangers has worn out and you are picking up vibes because of a metal on metal contact? Perhaps replacing the rubber or installing a new hanger would eliminate the vibration.