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Reef Blue 5.0

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Sep 10, 2012
My dad lives in Costa Rica and I'm in Orlando Fl. so I posted a youtube video so he could check out my Fox 5.0. Thought I'd share the link with my Stangnet bros. = ).

1993 Reef Blue Fox Mustang H/C/I Vortech Walkaround - YouTube

Trick Flow track heat intake
75mm throttle body
Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads
Bullet Racing camshaft 220/220 dur 529/530 lift
1.7 cobra roller rockers
A.E.M. 340 in tank fuel pump
Vortech V3 Supercharger 10 lbs boost
Pro M 80 mm maf
Bosch 42 lbs injectors
Boostmaster power inlet tube
Msd 6al
Msd btm
SCT tune chip
Dyno tune by Lamotta Performance
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What did it make hp wise? i am in the process of building an s trim myself . The cam sounds awesome did bullet spec it for you ?