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Whats your favorite color Fox body ?

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Reef Blue 5.0

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Sep 10, 2012
Hiya bro's, been a long time since I've posted a thread on this site. Anyways I've had my current combo on my car for 6 months. Edelbrock performer heads, trick flow upper/lower intake, 1.7 cobras and a V3 Vortech makin 10 lbs boost. I mainly drive her on the street so the combo has been great for drivability and surprising performance. Car runs awesome but like any mustang enthusiast I've Decided I need to add more ponies lol. So to complete the whole h/c/i blower package, I'm installing a camshaft as we speak. Bullet Racing cam. 220/220 duration and 529/530 lift. So psyched I had to share. Getting her dyno tuned next week. Any hp guesses ? I'm including a few pics of my ride, hope y'all like 'em.
parts 017.jpg
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Welcome back. I guess I'll bite. Assuming no other changes besides cam & tune I'll guess 485rwhp-450rwtq
I'm looking forward to knowing for sure. My tuner is backed up right now (cause he's the best around) so I wont know 'till Probably next week. She's getting dyno tuned at Lamotta Performance in Longwood Fla.... You may have heard of them, they're in 5.0 & MMFF all the time making something faster in some article all the time = ).
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