Roush Video of my car at Talladega Grand Prix raceway


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Oct 31, 2004
Douglasville, GA.
OK I ripped some of the video a good friend Randy took while riding with me at Talladega Grand Prix road race course. The first video is only 55 seconds long but the second video is 2.26 and about 1 minute into the video you will hear something like a clank as if I ran over something, it turns out to be my right rear caliper coming apart and my rear brakes were locking up in the turns. Once that happened my times slowed as I couldn't drive hard into the corners and brake as I was before and my street crappy tires were going away fast! The entire race was 20 minutes in length. I actually started first, finished first and lapped one car as you can see. I was chasing the tail end of the group the entire time. I hope you enjoy:\raceday01.wmv\raceday02.wmv
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Aug 3, 2006
YEAH BOY, That was Alot Of Fun!! Man we sound as Hillbilly as Bo and Luke Duke in that Video. LOL You can ride with me this spring when we go back and run the video cam.