Warranty Questions??

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the only EXTERNAL mods would be headers, pulleys, and mid pipe...... would this void the warranty of my tranny? I have a 75,000 mile extended premium warranty and the car has 36,000 miles on it now
there is no real set guidlines on what voids the warrenty and what don't. it all depends on your dealer. and too break it down to even more of a chance. it depends on what tech you get at that dealer. you want the guy that loves mustangs, maybe even has one. the manegment finds out about the mods from the tech workign on the car. if he don't say anything it will never be notice. i have done warrenty trannys on heavly modified mustangs. including a KB blowzilla equiped 03 cobra with a blown up T-56 he got a warrenty tranny because i kept my mouth shut. and he agree to pay me on the side for the extra work of having too deal with a modified car. ( his car had long tubes, made the tranny harder too remove)

the fact is warrenty pay sucks ass. nobody wants too replace a tranny for 1 hour. or rebuild one for 5 hours( including remove and install time). when it takes you twice that too do it. so as soon as that tech sees a mod he knows he can get out of doing a crap warrenty job and he gets too go back and hopefully for him get a good paying cash job.