Water in intake


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Apr 26, 2010
Was driving home tonight in the rain was ran off the road by an idiot driver and ended up soaking my intake in the fender well it started to sputter down in 1st and 2nd but no problem in 3rd but when taking off again going from 2nd to 3rd fell on its face and i clutched it to get it to 4th and had no problem parked it and ran it for about a minute with no engine problem but my filter is soaked with just small amounts of water into the intake that was sucked in could this of caused any problems and what can i do to take care of it since it still ran fine just had problems when accelerating
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If it's a cheap filter, just replace it. Otherwise, I'd just let the filter air out (or help it w/ a hair dryer) and throw it back on. I doubt much water got into the intake unless you ran the car under water, which I doubt.

The water-soaked filter probably restricted air to the engine, which may be why it didn't run well.

Good Luck:flag: