Welcome me back... for the fourth time... New fox 'vert owner.


SEE!! I do have a neck!
Founding Member
Aug 25, 2000
Colorado Springs, CO
Some of the old guys will remember me...

This is my 4th fox body, and 6th mustang in 8 years. My first convertible. Never have i ever loved a car as much as these, and after all these years its great to be back driving one again...

Can you beleve i got this car for $3500? straight as an arrow. Black on red. Interior is alittle messy, but new seats/carpet will be on the way shortly. Runs great. Pony's... All stock except 2 chamber flows and K&N panel... still has the snorkel :jaw: Automatic, which is what i wanted because i have a monster C4 still left over from my last mustang.

Thanks Ken from Calhoun, GA . :nice:

This will be a very mild build... mostly for cruising till i get a hair up my a##.


Be seeing ya.
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