Well, I know what mod its time for now..


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
it was really nice out today, so i was out for a nice 30 min drive. i decided to do a little spirited driving.

i was in a little traffic, so i just tapped first real quick and it instantly snapped to 5k. i was like, jesus its never had power like this before. although i never give it anything in first.

anyway, i get out by myself and decide to go from a second gear roll messing around. i give it about half throttle and i look down, boost gauge isint pegging 10 :scratch: shift to third, starts pulling HARD at half throttle, i let off because it kinda freaked me out lol.

i get home, pop the hood and find the belt shavings :lol: guess i need some idlers now :bang: at least the ass-o-meter isint broken like i thought, cause i never really felt the difference after the swap.

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