well.. scrapped the twin turbo's, doing a nice single setup... check it

well this cost me $40 today...

and well i finished it completely, im gonna take some pix of it with a turbo mounted in my 94 for references.

turbo will be a T70 Master Power, goal for 600rwhp on a R block.


anyway im in a rush so here are a couple pix.


  • single turbo setup new1.JPG
    single turbo setup new1.JPG
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  • single turbo setup new2.JPG
    single turbo setup new2.JPG
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Any questions regarding anything?

Just a FYI, A/C will not be used, and maybe in the future, i will figure out a way on how the hell to possibly mount it with everything, but im not 100% positive it can be.

I didnt spend too much time analyzing much because all i wanted to do was finish it, and all it took was about an hour and change(this is my 7th setup, lol, go figure).

so yea whatever you guys feel ya need to know, let me know.

well i had twins on the car for a while, it was time for a little change...

no problem for me to do twins or single, its just that i started finding such good deals on turbo's/wastegates and what not, i said what the hek, let me do something different.

so single it is for now, see how i like it.

also Dan from TMS inspired me to do it cuz he has a nice yellow sn95 with a bitchin single turbo on it, so yea... he made me do it(mentally) lol
OinkAodeOink said:
looks good, my onlyu concern would be to try and get more of a free'er flowing angle on that cross over pipe conection. Insted of coming into the merge at a 45* or so angle.. try somthing more inline.. im sure it can be done easly

I was thinking the same thing. Also, what about the point of intersection (pass. side exhaust pipe to drivers exhaust pipe). I am not exactly sure how to say it but like the H in an H pipe needs to be at a certain place (distance wise) for the exhaust temp and exhaust pulse to scavenge etc.

Not sure if I am making this clear or not. I can see where it has to be hard to do tho with the lack of space if it is even an issue.
well... lil update.

i finished tacking all necessary items, minus wastegate flange and finishing off the downpipe, but thats not until me REAL turbo comes in the mail.

so heres the "finished" product.

one minor tweek i gotta do it just angle the turbo a little more UP and TOWARD the powersteering pump, nothing a hacksaw/sawzall wont fix anyway.

but the merge is much better as you can see, and i made sure it was "ovalized" for max flow from both sides.

but i mean there is no real clearance with the radiator hose, i just need to cut in one place and either use a metal pipe in there, or just shorten it.

here is the "finished" product.



go.rei GT

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Nov 29, 2003
yellow5.0cobra said:
one minor tweek i gotta do it just angle the turbo a little more UP and TOWARD the powersteering pump, nothing a hacksaw/sawzall wont fix anyway.

here is the "finished" product.



Lookin' good! I agree with the "tweak" you still have left. Did it just sort of come out that way when it was all together, or did you put it at an angle like that for a specific reason (and then ditch it). 600rwhp :drool: can't wait for dyno and track #'s!
I wish I could buy a turbo and fab the kit from some pipe in an hour, but I guess after your first six times doing it, it comes pretty easy. Nice job.
well i put it at an angle like that just got now, im not done with minor grinding and adjustments, it was basicaly put on to check for clearance.

hopefully i can pick up a local 306 for dirt cheap... so i think i might take that, drop it in for now and while im buildin my R block, i will swap it out later.