Fox Went looking for trouble, found it. Code 15. no chip, good 12v to pin 1.


do I need to lube this area?
Oct 29, 2020
midwestern america
Alright, was tinkering of the fox, looking for stuff to fix. Fixed the door chime. Decided to test out my ODB1 scanner because I never used it. Got code 11, great! then I got code 15.. not so great. Pulled the ecu thinking the ecu had a chip on it, nope.. In fact, I am 99% sure This is the first time the kick panel or ecu had ever been off. Checked for 12v at the connector " bottom right opposite side the locating tabs right?" and it has 12 v. That's where I stopped. I have another ecu on the shelf, it's for when I stick shift swap the car, but I kinda wanna confirm my issues before I start changing things. What else can I check? Did I check the right pin? I left the lights on the other day and drained the battery, would that cause it?
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Put lubricant all over the balls
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Code 15 will show if the batt dies, or if you just hook the ecu up to power and dump the codes.

You need to connect it to power and give it a couple drive cycles without power interruption before dumping the codes.
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