What are the best front seats, and rear seat delete kit for the $

68 & 00 GT

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May 14, 2003
Looking to up grade both my Stangs at the same time -
I want to put my rear, and front leather seats from my 2000 into my 68. So I want get 2 lighter seats for the front of my 2000, and a rear seat delete kit also.
What are the best quality, lightest seats for the buck for my 2000. Have to still be comfortable for my daily driver. Should I just make my own rear seat delete kit, and spend the $ for better seats ? I want to get this done but don't have all the $ in the world. However I want / need the seats to last a long time, and I have heard bad things about several companies seats that are considered to be reputable.
I just came into $520 to spend from some side work - I want to gut my trunk also for a large weight reduction by all this. May ditch my Mach rear speaker box too (20lbs). Any idea how much total weight all this may loose ?
Post away w/ your seat pics too !
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http://www15.brinkster.com/fastredponycar/Rear Seat Delete.htm


Both links are to the same webpage. I put 2 links up b/c of the limited bandwidth of both sites. Dropped a noticable amount of weight.

As far as seats go, I'd get a recaro. You might can go to www.gefracing.com and search for factory seats for the 00 Cobra R. It came standard with recaros. I sat in one at the fun ford weekend this year and they're awesome. :nice:



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Front leather seats, rear leather seat, and head rest, spare tire, trunk carpeting all is calimed to total 184lbs. What do most aftermarket front seats weigh ? Wondering what a total weight saver this project will make after adding back the weight of new lighter front seats, and a rear seat delete kit. I definately like the Cobra R recaros, but may be more $ than I want to spend - :shrug:
Any expierene with these ?

Description Quantity Weight in LBS (Each)

Cobra clubman seat 2 12
Kirky enconomy drag seat 2
Kirky road race seat 2 18
RCI plastic race seat 2 10
Rookie MOMO coarse racing seat 2 11

This is my daily driver so I doubt these will be good for me - their weight (or lack of) looks really good though
How much for the Cobra R Recaros ? Couldn't find 'em on that above website -
im running corbeau gts 2 seats in my car with the pro3i seat delete kit without sound deadening material....ive had the seats in the car for about 6k miles and so far i love them. the seat delete was just installed so i have no real review of it other then it fits and looks good and is light
Aside from pure carbon fiber race seats, i hear the ferrari enzo seats are the lightest. they're custom molded to the buyer's body and are formed of pure carbon fiber and "the finest" italian leather available. A cool $10,000 for the seats alone :D

Gives you an excuse to use the classic tommy boy line slightly modified.

"These seats are italian. They're worth more than your life."
price wise Sparco's are probably the most expensive, then Recaro's slightly less, then the Cobra's(not the car, but he seat manufactuer), or Corbeau's slightly less still, The Corbeau CR-1's which is most similiar to my SRD's is about $300 whereas I paid about $450 for my Recaro SRD's and that was on clearance , the new Recaro's are called "Speed"(they seem to have gone up a little in price with the new name)., then you will need brackets/adapters..plan another $100 per side.

If you go with any of these seat its gonna be hard to get out for less than $800-$1000 for 2 seats plus brackets. Ultimately the for the savings between the Recaro's and Corbeau's I just saved a more and got the Recaro's I really like them, I have always wanted a set :)

Not a sports car to me unless it has Recaro's :) but thats just me

Go here ask for Dan,
Speedware Motorsports is a really good shop to get work done, but their prices on seats are some of the highest I've seen. www.recaro-seats.com has the best prices I've seen, and I hear they're great to work with. If you want any custom work done, call the guys at www.superiorautotrim.com. Their prices for the seats straight up is only about $20-30 more than on www.recaro-seats.com, and if you want to get them custom covered in any colors of leathers, suedes, stitching, etc, or get extra padding, custom emblems/embroideriesincreased widths, bolsters, etc, then they do outstanding work. They're even having a special right now on Recaros!

However, if anyone needs anything from either Speedware or SAT, I live about 10 and 20 minutes away from them, respectively. Speedware is only a couple miles down from my house, so I can run down there any day to ask questions, etc.

I'm hopefully going to be replacing my seats pretty soon with the Recaro Sports. My father has them in his Aston Martin, and they're incredibly comfortable. The Style's are a close second. Get em!
I want racing seats in my car but i don't know which ones to go with because i have back problems. :nonono: Yes at 21 years old, its from lifting. My stock mustang seats hurt my lower and mid back really bad after about a hour. What kind of seats you think would be the best for my lower and mid back?
Although any of the mid-high end Recaro's will work fantastically (Sport, Style, Trend), the seats that you back will REALLY appreciate will cost you. Don't worry though, they're damn well worth it! Go for the Recaro Ergomed DS. It is by far, bar-none, the most comfortable seat I've ever sat in. I have the same problem with the stock seats- no lower back support whatsoever. Try sitting in one if you have a dealer near you! You won't regret it!