What can i do to solve this problem?


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Jan 17, 2003
Williamston SC
Hey guys, i haven't been on here in several months, feels good to be back. Anywho, i have a little problem that i need some help with. My car is running rich. It always smells like gas and it fouls plugs constantly, I mean i can take a plug out sometimes and it will have gas leaking off of it. Anyway, it is down on power. For example. When i accelarate, the car gets real loud....like it should, but it doesn't "pull along with the sound" if u know what i mean. Like its loud as crap but it ain't goin anywhere. See i know this isn't normal because when i first got my car back with the new motor it was a beast, it would smoke the tires through first second and third if i floored it. Now it does good to get a good chirp in second.....Plus, when i floor it, a whole bunch of smoke comes out...not like white smoke or anything, but i mean its enough to notice...isn't this a sign of running rich? I know mustangs are known to have a little blowby, but this is alot of smoke..not like normal. I wonder how much HP and torque im losin...
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Mar 8, 2003
Park Ridge NJ
well someones gotta say it

Check your O2 sensors, try replacing them,
Check your computer for codes,
Check fuel pressure, if its low you could have a leaky injector, esp if theres fuel ON the plug,

Just check all your sensors , Mass air, ACT sensor, Coolant sensor, TPS,

all of the above (and more) are what tells the computer the air fuel ratio and it pulses the injectors accordingly