What do you guys think I'll run with my set-up?

I need some input on what I'll be running with my current set-up, I havn't taken it to the track yet, and I'm gonna get a good tune on it, I just want a ball park figure of 1/4 mile times and rwhp. Thanks

DSS 306 longblock
Trickflow alum. heads
T5-Z tranny
GT-40 Intake manifold
65mm Throttle body
Ford motorsport headers
BBK Cold Air intake
MSD 6al ignition
MSD Blaster Coil
King cobra clutch
Ford racing radiator
Aluminum Driveshaft
3:55 gears
Baer disc brakes
Subframe connectors
caser/camber plates
Koni Yellow shocks/struts
Global bushings
Global Rear control arms
lowering springs
Pro 5.0 shifter
K&N intake
190 lph Fuel pump
FMS 28 spline axles
Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel pressure gauge
Phantom oil temp gauge
Phantom oil pressure gauge
Ford 8mm plug wires
ponys wrapped in 225-50-16 Nitto 450s

I think thats everything.
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12's easy, with driving of course. dont expect to run awesome first few passes. make those first few passes your "learning" runs...get a feel for the car, how it launches, what tire pressure it likes, etc....then after that, go balls out :D
Thanks for all your input guys... I do have another question. I wanna know what kinda power I can be expecting with a good tune, and I was leaning towards doing a single or twin turbo kit afterwards with low boost afterwards. Do you think the GT-40 manifold is chokeing my performance, and how much boost could I ram through that DSS lower end?
aleborjas said:
i think you have a little small TB should go at least 70mm and you should be mid 12's
Interesting statement, and your reasoning for this?65mm will easly support his combination of parts and then some...safe until nearing 400FWHP.

Your combo looks great as is..with good driving 12 should be very reasonable.
my289eatsrice said:
24 pound injectors, and calibrated MAF. My main goal is to get into the 11's, what do u think is the best way to do that while keeping the car completely streetable(meaning I don't want to run 4:10's out back) and reliable.
Get some sticky tires. Do a little weight loss if your up for it, i know you want streetable but you can lose the a/c and heater core if possible, smog if that isnt a concern, battery in back, front sway, and a bunch of other little things. Even a little shot of nitrous just for the track will get you there without any of that above :nice:
wow, I have another buddy that has a stock crank, forged rods and pistions, TFS heads, and 11:1 compression w/ some other stuff and NO NOS and sticky tires that runs 11's consistantly. I guess it's all about hooking up. Your buddy should be deep into the 11's if not 10's.