What do you guys think


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Apr 2, 2005
So heres the deal my buddy is a mechanic has a 95 5.0 He had flowmasters and it was completly stock. He supercharged it completly stock ran a 13.5 ran fine he was boostin only 6 pounds or something around their. He wants me to buy his supercharger for 800 i will just have to buy the adapter piece that fits my car. Now what i was gonna do was run mac exhaust get some headers. And just put the supercharger on and hopfully hit a low 13 because thats all i want out of my car. Do you think that this is a good idea or no...

Thanks, Dan
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I'm thinking that 1 of the brackets might be different as well. You should consider an ignition system as well. Really too, posting in the "power adders" forum might get you a better response on fitment as well. Besides, if this is such a great product, why's he selling it and why so cheap? Plus, Vortech kits require you to tap into the oil pan as well.
Then fuel system upgrades, make sure it has an f.m.u., then intake, throttle body, mass air, so on and so on. It never ends....
Heres why he is getting rid of it he his g/f was like a sister to me. One day she Got into a car accident he knew he did not have cooleant in the car he raced down in the mustang blew the motor she died. So he just giving alot of stuff away cheap he rebuilt the engine. its a weird situation but he said its mine for 800