What do you guys think?


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Mar 26, 2010
What do you guys think? **UPDATED** Black grille

I was looking for a Black pony emblem, I found 1, but dont think it was worth $60, so I took the one off my stock grill and painted it black. What do you guys think?

This is without the emblem:

This is with the emblem painted black:


Black Grille, I am trying to decide on putting the horse on, but cant make up my mind on leaving it black, or have it chrome....






I also need some tinted windows...
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JMO but, I think chrome brings too much attention, you went with blacken headlights and the black car so why not finish the job? I think the grill looks good if it was flat black. Again, JMO.

I think i am going to order a set of the smoked headlights, instead of the tint(the front is ok, but the back didnt turn out that good). I thought about painting the grill black, but didnt know if i should go with a flat black, or try and find something like a black chrome....the more I look at it the more I think the chrome stands out too much.

Thanks for the input guys
brother no offense, but that grill is disgusting, take that sheet off, it looks so much better without it, we want whats best for your stang and that grill is not it lol.

non taken man, I dont care much for the Mach grilles, trying something a little different. I think the chrome was too much, the flat black just doesnt sit right.... I think i am going to try a glossy black, or a black chrome...if that doesnt look any better than I am going to stick the stock back.