What engine oil to use?


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Aug 7, 2004
Sweden, Skövde
Hello, wonder what enginen oil I should use for my mustang? Is it Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 Super Premium? Is that a synthetic oil? I have heard that no American cars should have synthetic oil in there engin??

The sparkplug what brand is the best for de car?
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IMO, synth blend is waste of money....if you gonna do it--go all the way....M1 superSyn....i just wait for the calendar coupons at P3Pboyz and stock up on the buy one get one free....got a storage room with a stack of M1 boxes...
MatteMan said:
I have already put it in the engine, was that a bad idea? :scratch:
Will it run badly whit "blend" ?
Is there some difference on 5W-20 and the 5W-30 I put in? It says 5W-20 on the oil cap...

I'm using the Syn Blend Motorcraft 5/20 at least until the warranty runs out (3 years). It's very good motor oil. Stick with the thinner 5/20. As for full synthetic, everyone has an opinion either [positive or negative. The KEY is to change the oil and filter at 2,000 miles (HOT) to remove the acid that builds up from combustion. It's the acid that kills the engines and makes sludge. I've got cars with 100k+ miles and zero sludge just by changing the oil and filter hot every 2,000 miles. Stick with the Motorcraft filter. Auto Zone sells Motorcraft Syn Blend for $1.89/Quart.
I don’t think changing your oil every 2000 miles vs 3000 miles will help sludge. Sludge is usually a result of frequent short trips where the engine never gets up to a normal operating temperature. This causes the water in the engine (a natural result of burning gas) to not reach boiling point to vaporize, which then mixes with the oil and carbon to create sludge, which then gets deposited on engine parts when the engine is shut off.

The key to avoiding sludge is to avoid running the car for very short amounts of time, like driving a block for ice cream, and don't start the car just to move it. If you do, let the car warm up fully before shutting it down.