What happened to the cobra with the Thruxtons?

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I am still alive! lol

I am waiting to get the fronts mounted. As Dan stated I am currently building an engine so the car is on stands and in millions of pieces. So even when the fronts are done I won't have any great pics of it on the ground until I get the motor back in.

BTW- Should have a complete shortblock by the end of this coming weekend. Still waiting for somemore parts as some where wrong so I didn't get it together this past weekend.
Here are some pics I came up with. The first pic is of the wheel with the new wheels spacers that I posted I had a problem with. Lines up perfect, although it is hard to see at this angle.

Just in case you guys don't believe the car is on stands and ripped apart (lol), here they are. You can also get a good look at the lip on the wheels and the alinement to the fenders.

One more old pic to show the mess in the garage. NOTE: In this pic the wheel spacer is not on, this is how it looked without them on. This is an older pic and the spacers are now on both sides. Kris Wilts Lightning in the background.
Ok now seeing it from the wider angle I do like the look, please please please get rid of the cobra sticker across the windsheild.... The car looks awesome, then you see a big a$$ cobra sticker. You and your car are too classy for that.
I hear you there. I am as picky as they come too (believe me). I usually don't care for windshield decals either but when I made the decal and put it on it looked good to me so I left it. I actually only made the decal as a proof for a customer (to get the sizing and photo proof), not actually for my car, but once it was on that was it, it stayed.
I dont like banners. I like sleepers. U kinda killed that look with the cobra r spoiler and bigass intercooler tho. :D . I would leave the banner on until it gets worn and dosent look good anymore.
Thanks. I actually rent the garage separate from my house. $50 a month and free heat, electic, and it came with a working coke machine. Its only like 1000ft down the road from my house so I don't have to travel far to get there. Not as nice as being right out side my house but still a good deal IMO!
I have summit fenders covers. When I am working on it I use them. In the pic the lightning is using them.

Hey Mike, that Lightning is the same one that was parked next to me at Etown, don't know if you remember it or not but it was there.