What is This Wire For?

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I have and 86 GT and I was working on installing a 6AL box and doing some battery relocation stuff tonight and whenI was cleaning up some of the wiring on the starter solenoid I found this wire connected to the positive side, but I also found that it didn't go anywhere anymore. It was taped up with the wire that connects to the small lead on the solenoid. The wire is black with an orange stripe and the little blue thing at the end says fusible link on it. My question is, what is it a fusible link to? Any help would be great so I can find out if I need to redo it or not. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, but it was all I had.

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Nov 29, 1999
Check the upper left hand of the diagram. Looks like the alt wiring for an 86 is a bit like that for an aero fox, and this could have been some alternator wiring.


Diagram courtesy of S&2B's (site host) and Tom Moss (author).


Sep 27, 2006
it could honestly be from almost anything. i wouldn't be too worried about it, especially if it being disconnected hasn't caused any issues before. i had so much garbage wiring coming from the solenoid when i bought my car! underglow kit, old alarm systems, stereo stuff.... if it's not hooked up now, and not causing any problems, i wouldn't worry about it.

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Well I have a power drain issue at present and I have no idea what it could be. I doubt this is it, but this is definitely a factory wire and it's a fusible link as well so I have to believe it's fairly important. The only other Black wires with an orange stripe on the car are the two straight off the alternator like Hissin's diagram shows. They are like 8 gauge wires and this one off the solenoid is about 12-14. If it hooked into the alt circuit at some point I'm definitely not sure how. Maybe I'll try posting is up on 4 eyed pride and see what they come up with.

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I found several diferent black and orange wires in the harness under the solenoid, but all seem to be accounted for and not spliced weird or anything. After looking a bit closer at the blue piece on the one end it says 20Ga also. Which if I'm not mistaken is the size for the EEC relay, but as far as I can tell the relay wires have not been hacked either.