Drivetrain What Kind Of Differential Should I Get?


Founding Member
Jun 29, 2001
Norwalk, CT
hey does anyone have any experience with Torsen or other LSD variants for differential upgrades? I am going to be redoing my gears to get rid of the just awful gear whine from a bad install and I was figuring while it was all apart should I redo the differential? A Torsen is just another 250 or so bucks and an LSD is more like 600+ is there any pros/cons to doing this?
its a weekend warrior/possible autocrosser but I already have an overly insane suspension setup so more grip the better I say. I know I will have to upgrade my axles to 31 spline but other than that I have 0 experience with different types of differentials. One thing is that I am not going to use the car as a drag racer.

Or should I stick with the open differential or not?
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