What kind of power do u think Ill be making?

87GT 306

New Member
Oct 11, 2004
Springfield MA
Mods are in my sig, Someone's building my motor and I was just curious to see if anyone else is running or seen a similar combo.

Comp's website has over 5 articles with this cam making 400 hp on different street motors.
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Sounds like a great street setup. Lots of power across the rpm range I am sure. If you want better times I would think a more agressive custom cam and a ported lower and it would really scream.
10:1, Im planning on having my lower ported by tmoss. You can't port the upper on the GT40 intake obviously, but I wouldnt need to anyways. I know the intake doesn't flow as well as others in the long run, but it's a street car and that intake is still the best looking manifold on the market so I'll probably stick with it and the ported lower.