what should my next mod be


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Jan 14, 2006
i guess my question is what would be the best way to spend $600 from this paycheck because my motor is mostly stock i was thinking about getting 1.7 roller rockers and a cai with a larger maf and maybe a 70mm throttle body with spacer but i dont know if there is anything i may be leaving out that would help me out more my goal is to run in the 12s by the end of the summer.

i got a 87 lx 5.0 with
mass air conversion
Subframe connectors
shortie headers
prochamber mid pipe
flowmaster catback
Strut tower brace
Underdrive pullies
lowering springs
Larger front swaybar
C/C plates
Short throw shifter
Plugs Autolite
Oil filter Motorcraft
MSD Cap / Rotor/ coil / wires
new Oxygen sensors

thanks for all your help
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With 600 you can get some gt40 irons and an explorer intake if your savvy on ebay. I dont know if those will fit your final goals, but if your just looking for a quick street cruiser, thats what I would do. Just dont bid on the same ones as me:D