What size stall should I order..hmmm


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Mar 31, 2005
Had a question about the stall convertor size I am thinking on.I have not been into the mustang scene in awhile.But I still have my motor from my old one and just happened to get my old stang back this weekend.I have 4.10 gears in the rear and will add a spool here when I get it back together.Fixing to add ladder bar's on it just to keep it simple.In the motor basicly it is a stock motor with Gt 40 cast head's with mild porting.They are not the ones off a explorer they are real ones.Can not remmber what my compression was since I believe the gt-40 heads had smaller combustion chambers than the stock 91 heads.It has a B cam and torker 2 intake and 600 cfm carb.of cousre all the little bolt on stuff like pulleys and etc...also running mallory high fire distributor it was free basicly with a trade.I had a C4 in the car before with a stock convertor but now I have a C6 going in and thinking about running around a 2300 to 2600 stall convertor.What does everyone here think would be a good size stall for the car?It is a vert but striped as much as it could be.I will be putting a cage in as soon as I get my other toy out of the shop.I might put the nitrous back on.If so I will be running around 175 wet shot.Ohh yeah also running some 1.7 roller rockers on it also.It has been a while and mac shorty headers and y pipe but will be upgrading them to some long tubes I think.I need to remmber wich ones help with low end torque.

P.S. Will upgrade heads later on after car is rolling again under it's on power
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Suprised no one has had experiance with stall convertor's.I have never actually had one and this will be the first time I get one so hopefully I was thinking of the right size for that combo.