What tailpipes to use with Spintech's?


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Jul 14, 2000
Nazareth, PA
I tried to put on a set of Dynomax 2.5 tailpipes on my Spintechs today and they won't line up. If you're looking at it from the rear of the car, the muffler outlet is too far to the left for the tailpipe inlet to line up on the passenger side and the muffler outlet is too far to the right to line up with the tailpipe inlet on the driver side. I bought the mufflers with the hangers and flowtubes already welded on. Does anyone know where I can get the proper tailpipes to use? I looked on the Spintech's site but I couldn't find just tailpipes for sale. Thanks.

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your description was kinda shaddy but i had a hell of a time lineing up my Flows. just loosen all the bolts and bend the hangers to your likeing then tourque them back down. exhaust as cheap as FM,dynomax,magnaflow,bbk,dr.gas dont fit like a glove and have to be bent a little. hope we are on the same page hope you wernt talking about the mufflers that are welded being the problem?????????
Hey I have the exact same setup on my car. I had a muffler shop put them on and line them up. At first they rubbed on the upper control arms slightly. I took them off a few weeks ago b/c the drivers side had came loose. It seems that there is not enough pipe to fit in the muffler outlet for the clamp to get a grip on. I am going to take it back there in a few weeks to get it realigned.

My advise to you is to take it to a GOOD muffler shop and have them align everything for you. The only reason I took it to a shop was b/c i knew they had a great reputation and they even impressed my dad, which isnt an easy thing. So dont just take to joe blow muffler or you will be wasting your time.
Yeah I guess my discription was a little shaddy. With the mufflers bolted up to the h-pipe and the hangers that came on the mufflers in the stock rubber insulators, and with the tailpipes in the rubber insulators where they're supposed to be, the mufflers are too far inward to line up with the tails. If the gas tank wasn't there, they would fit. Guess I'll have to take it to a good shop.

Or maybe I'll just put dumps on them. I know some of you guys are running dumps with these mufflers, what size do you have?