I'm probably going to buy the aftermarket '93 cobra wheels for my coupe. I had originals on my '89gt vert, but they are hard to find and aren't as wide.


If any of you guys have these 17x8.5 wheels, what tire sizes and brands are you running.

I am going to go with 245's in the front and 275's in the rear. I want to go with these BFgoodrich tires all the way around. They look BAD A**


But BFGoodrich doesn't offer the size I need. They have the front but not the back.

I've had good luck with Nitto tires in the past and might go with them again. With the NT555 extremes in the front and drag radials in the rear.

What tread pattern, sizes, and brands do you guys have and like or dislike???
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I'm looking at the same wheels for my '93. I was looking at Nitto's 555R for the rear (275) and the 555s for the front (245). The Nitto NT01's are nice too but run about 170 a tire.

Let me know what you decide to go with, I'm curious.

Good luck.
The KDW NT's (or II's) only go up to 255/40/17 as you can see. I run 245/45/17 and 275/40/17 G-Force Sport's on my 93 Cobra replicas. Fit is great, but I think a wider tire up front would fill the wheel better. Good luck!

I think I am gonna order my tires tomorrow from discount tire direct. They have free shipping and for an additional $75 you should buy the warranty for free replacement of the tire if damage were to happen.....

I would go with the BFG KDW for the front becuase I love the way those tires look, and BFG Drag Radials for the rear, but they don't even have drag radials in 17's. I like BFG's, I had All-terrains on my truck, but what a dissapointment in tire sizes.
Now I went with the Mickey Thompsons for my truck.

Sorry, had to sneak a pic of that in there.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna go with the Nitto Tires. NT555 in the front 245/45R17
and the Drag Radials in the back 275/40R17

The fronts are $107 a piece, they are on special
the backs are $145 a piece and are on special too.
Well, I orderd my Nitto tires today from discount tire direct. 245/45/r17 NT555 for the front and 275/40r17 drag radials for the rear. Total came to $565.00 for the tires and free replacement warranty with free shipping.

Rims from wheelindex off ebay with lugs and valves - $549
Nitto Tires - $565

Total - $1,114
??? Wheelreplicas.com has them listed for around $476 plus shipping and lugs&valves.
That is where you said you got yours, right?? I saw that in another post.

So I'm pretty sure, I could be wrong, but I got them for the around the same price, if not a little cheaper.