What to do

I woke up this morning to find my baby all scarred up on the drivers side from headlight to taillight from a neighbor kid and his bike :mad:

what do u think? every opinion wanted!
pisses me off the child has no respect for anything!:mad: :mad:
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I had a problem a few years ago with kids messing with my car, so I got a security camera from radio shack, and I swear not 5 minutes after it was up and running, I caught them on tape. I took the tape to the manager of my apartments, told her next time I'm calling the cops, and what do you know, my car wasn't touched again. The cameras don't cost very much, certainly less than it will cost to fix your car.

Ouch.. that's a few hundred bucks easily to have those taken out. I'm not sure what you can really do, other than find who's responsible and teach them a lesson. :uzi: If you think someone did it on purpose, they'll probably do it again. You can try to catch them with a camera like I did, or tie a dog near your car, or something.. :shrug:
Oh man that does suck! Ow! You could possibly try to touch up with paint from a dealership. You know, those little pens of touch up paint. But if they are deep, it will have to be resprayed I think. You could always try to use your insurance if you have coverage. Keep us posted.

BTW, thank you for not rolling around in naked windows! Nice tint. I always appreciate a Mustang with dark tint.
I would find out who is responsible, show the kids' parents the damage and see if thy will help with the cost of repairs. The parents are responsible for the kids' actions while they live in their house and are under 18.
Well after a very heated argument with the parents nothing is resolved, they said "we will ask them if they did it" lol we all know how that turned out of course the kids said they didnt. what is interesting is that the kids bikes have disappeared HUMMM... so I dont think anything else will happen to her if it does the S*&T hits the fan!
I had my car keyed before I bought it got it at a great price too. I mixed some touchup and taped around the scratches and touched up and then clear coated over it and pulled the tape and a couple of day's later buff polished and you can't really tell any more. Might help anyway.