what year calipers on 1995 spindles?


Apr 27, 2009
hey, putting 95 spindles on my 85 gt, just wondering what year calipers will work on the 95 spindles. Will only the 95 calipers work, or will calipers from 96 to 98 work also, and will 99 to 2004 calipers work too, thanks.
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that is correct...but to always be safe just wait for another person or two to chime in :nice:....though you will need to adapt the soft brake lines from sn95 to the fox stock hardlines unless youre changing them as well.
so, I can use 2002 mustang calipers, brake pads, and rotors with my 95 spindles and hubs then?

you'll probably have to grind a bit off the spindle for the 99-04 v6/gt twin-pistons, because theyre a bit bigger in the back (bolt on the same though, and same rotors), the sticky should point that out if its the one im thinking of. 94-04 cobra parts bolt right on as well.
and If I just run drum brakes on the back, do I still have to upgrade the master cylinder and brake booster?

didnt see this in my first post, but you SHOULD, especially with the 02 calipers, though with the 94-98 calipers you MIGHT be ok. personally, with brakes, i'd rather be safe than sorry. i got my reman'd 93 cobra cylinder and booster for ~$200-$250 iirc, good insurance to have.
and If I just run drum brakes on the back, do I still have to upgrade the master cylinder and brake booster?

Yes and no.

With the stock drums out back, you haven't changed the fluid demands that much. The disk brake MC's are too large and may give you a hard pedal.

However, the 99-04 calipers are larger and do require a little more fluid. You may find the pedal a little soft in which case a 94-95 cobra MC might give you what you need.
o, thanks guys, you's all are awsome, good help is a great thing. I am probally just better off going with all 1995 mustang stuff then right? 95 spindles, 95 calipers, 95 pads, 95 rotors and soft line right? that way, I might be able to keep my 85 gt MC and booster
Actually, since you have an '85...you might be able to run the 79-82 7/8" bore MC. It's 22.2MM in diameter and might be perfect for the 99-04 calipers

your 85 has a 21mm mc bore, so the sligh increase might compensate for the larger fluid volume of the 99-04 calipers
these rims


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k, thanks alot, will try to run all 1995 mustang stuff, so i dont have to change the MC or booster, If I cant find that year stuff, I will use 96 to 98 calipers and rotors, thanks agian.