Whats it worth??


Nov 24, 2007
I know a guy that is cleaning up a place he inherited and has a 46/47 (not sure the year) 3/4 ton GMC pickup all there engine turns over glass all good.. lots of rust I havent seen it yet but $100 takes it... Could i turn a big profit on this thing parting it out on ebay or selling it whole? i figure scrap prices what they are its worth more than that in scrap!
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I had one just like that (same condition) in my back yard when we bought the house. I tried to get rid of it for 2 years, trying all those "we take your junk car!" ads that I could find. no one would take it. then my a neighbor from down the street stopped over to ask about it, and ended up towing it to his house. (thank god!) and after about a year of seeing it sitting in his backyard its no longer there either.

unless you've got 20 or 30 G's to throw at it I wouldn't bother.