What's required to replace battery cables?

Chowder Head

Dec 30, 2003
Tampa, FL
My moms 94 V6 stang keeps having a dead battery every morning frequently and I'm beginning to suspect it might be the cables, since I basically replaced everyting else.

Now, I doubt it's nothing terribly difficult, but I've never done it. Can you give me some hints, tips, tricks? What are the required parts? I've noticed a lot of different sized gauge wires. And how long do the cables run down to?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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The negative wire runs to the starter. It just just basically jack up the car and unbolt it then remove it at the battery and replace in the same spot.

They sell replacement wires at every auto parts store.

Have you checked the alternator? Take it to the above mentioned auto store and they can test the battery and the alternator to see if either one of them is bad or not.
Your battery might be going out. Sometimes one indication is when it won't hold a charge anymore.

Is there a lot of corrosion on the battery clamps? If there's a lot, it can actually cause a short to ground (at very low current) and slowly drain the battery.
Ok, if the negative leads to the starter, where does the positive go? The postive gets changed as well, I'm guessing?

And is there a particular sized cable to get? I saw different size gauge cables and I have no clue what the right one to get is.

One more thing. Where would you suggest I jack the car up at?

Thanks guys! :)
I did a little researching and it seemed like the #1 gauge wire is the right wire to get...is that's correct?

Lastly, does anybody have an approx. on the price? I've seen anywhere between $10 to $85.

Thanks again.